• Suitable for hay or pasture use
  • Widely adapted across the prairies
  • High forage yield
  • Excellent re-growth potential
  • Much less “sod forming” than smooth bromegrass
  • Lower ADF and NDF for improved pasture quality


AC Knowles was the first hybrid (smooth X meadow) bromegrass available, and combines the strengths of both parents. It is less aggressively creeping than smooth brome, similar to meadow brome so it will not choke out other species in a stand

It has wide leaves that are more evenly distributed throughout the plant (from top to bottom) like smooth brome, leaves and stems are covered with hair like meadow brome. Taller than smooth and meadow brome for easier harvest, but has excellent lodging resistance.

Matures 4-7 days later than meadow brome, 4-7 days earlier than smooth brome

  • Yields like smooth brome with a longer growing season similar to meadow brome
  • Improved leaf expression compared to smooth brome


Other features
Saline Tolerance
Flood Tolerance
Drought Tolerance

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