• Improved winter hardiness
  • Rapid re-growth
Legume Species Adaption
SpeciesUseLongevity Winter Hardiness Seeds/Lb. Growing Period Plant Type
AlfalfaHay & Pasture Long Good 200,000 Spring-Fall Tap, Branch, Creeping, Rooted
Alsike CloverHay & Pasture Short Fair 700,000 Spring-Fall Branched
Birdsfoot Trefoil Pasture Short Good 375,000 Spring-Fall Tap Rooted with Branches
Cicer Milkvetch Pasture Long Good 130,000 Late Spring-Fall Creeping Rooted
Red Clover Hay & Pasture Short Poor 275,000 Spring Tap Rooted with Side Branch
Sainfoin Pasture LongFair 18,000
Spring-Summer Tap Rooted
Sweet Clover Hay & Silage 2 Years Fair 260,000 Spring of 2nd Year Tap Rooted
White Clover Pasture Short to Long Good 800,000 Spring-Fall Rhizomatous