• Tetraploid (Italian), one season production
  • Vigorous growth/re-growth
  • High energy and sugar content

Nabucco Italian Ryegrass is a early-maturing tetraploid ryegrass that is short lived but extremely productive. It displays profuse tillering, quick-growth with very little re-heading.

Nabucco Italian Ryegrass will be utilized by beef, dairy and other production livestock producers.

Uses include intensive grazing, green crop, haylage or dry hay. Because of easy establishment it is also well suited for pasture renovation or minor field repairs.

Nabucco Italian Ryegrass is highly palatable, so avoid over grazing. Graze at approximately 10-12 inches and remove animals at 3 to 4 inches. When haying, consider first cut at boot stage.

  • Delivers improved quality over annual ryegrass
  • Quick regrowth
  • Wider and more succulent leaves than diploid annual ryegrass
  • Excellent palatability/digestibility


Ploidy tetraploid
Maturity early to inter
Ploidy tetraploid
Maturity early to inter
Other features
Saline Tolerance
Flood Tolerance
Drought Tolerance

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