General Lawn Seed Blends
NitrogreenIncorporating the environmental and agronomic benefits of Microclover. The blend will feature a combination of high quality Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue, Annual Ryegrass and Microclover.
All Purpose Sun & ShadeA premium blend that is ideally suited to sunny areas but will tolerate partial shade. With a high percentage of bluegrass, the turf is an attractive dark green with a fine leaf texture.
InstagreenLooking for a fast lawn? Establishes quickly and transitions into a great quality lawn.
Deluxe Blend Our best blend! Ideally suited to those areas with full sun where a rich and vibrant turf is expected.
Professional Turf Blends
Fescue Meadow & TurfA versatile, low or zero maintenance blend to be used where dark green, fine textured turf is wanted without extra watering. Slower growing means less mowing. Blend of native & turf species.
Famous Fairway BlendDark green, dense and low mowing tolerant. If you want golf course-looking turf, this blend will be your answer.
Rough & Ready Mix A lower growing, low maintenance mix that is dark green, drought and disease tolerant. It requires less mowing than normal turf.
Eco-Grow Lawn An all-fescue blend combining attractive appearance with lower maintenance, lower water use and slower growth.
Playground Mix A lawn mix developed for high traffic use. Is very drought and wear tolerant and can be over-seeded on existing turf stands.

DSV Northstar will custom blend lawn and turf seed to perfectly suit your specific requirements. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

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