This sainfoin variety was developed by Surya Acharya, Agriculture Canada, providing improved winter hardiness and rapid re-growth.

Quick Overview

  • A revolutionary new sainfoin from Ag Canada
  • Persistent, multi-cut grazing with rapid regrowth to keep up with alfalfa
  • Sainfoin tannins reduce the bloat when grazed with alfalfa

Performance and Adaptation

  • Suitable for hay, dehydration and grazing
  • Specifically suited for mixed grazing with alfalfa
  • Order as part of a Northstar Seed customer blend, or in Ultimate Pasture Blend
  • Out yielded Nova (check) by 22 to 42% in pure stands
  • Out yielded Nova 30 to 39% in mixed stands with alfalfa in some locations


  • Non-bloating
  • Dark green, multifoliate leaves
  • Medium crown width and depth
  • Rapid regrowth after cutting or grazing
  • Very winterhardy in W. Canadian conditions
  • Excellent forage quality
  • Branch rooted
  • 18,000 Seeds per pound (pre-husked)

  • Improved winter hardiness
  • Rapid re-growth